Online Dating: My First Date

Hey guys!
So I’ve decided to try out online dating and see who I meet and if I really find someone I can connect with. So far I’ve joined Bumble, OkCupid, and POF.

Last night I had my very first physical date with someone I’ve met online. I was really impressed by the guy’s effort. He paid for everything, opened the doors, and picked me up from my apartment complex. I wasn’t expecting much since I had a business meeting right before but we ended staying out until midnight. I found myself laughing again and being silly. So what did we do? First we went to Olive Garden, where we ate out favorite dishes, drank some wine & beer, and talked. The conversation seemed to naturally flow between us which I liked. Its been a long while since I’ve had something like that happen. Next, we headed to AMC to watch Deadpool. I know. I know. I’m a little behind but I’m working on it!

Now, I’m not too keen on PDA. I don’t know why but it just isn’t me. So, I found it a little awkward when he tried to hold my hand and cuddle with me. The last time I did that at a movie theater, my ex and I moved WAY too fast! (If you catch my drift) It was also a little odd that he wanted to share the same straw. I’m cool with sharing a drink but I NEVER share straws. He kept distracting me by trying to tickle me, kiss/light bite my hand (I know. Weird right?!), and pulling me closer to him. Everyone knows that I get into my movies and shows. I definitely don’t like getting distracted!! Once the movie ended, we were walking to his car while out of nowhere he’s holding me around my waist and began walking along with me. Like I said, not a huge fan of PDA.

What I Liked:
● He is super sweet.
● He’s easy to talk to
● He loves laughing and joking around.
● He accepts me the way I am.

What I Didn’t Like:
●The PDA! I  don’t like it especially if it’s the first date.
● He seems a little clingy. He didn’t want let go of me. Even though it was just date one!
● He’s ready to make me his girlfriend already. I like to take it slow before jumping into a relationship. I want to feel like I really know who I’m with.

So you might be thinking, “what are you going to do?” Well, I don’t know! Should I let him redeem himself or just ghost? Share your thoughts below!

Much Love,
Katy S.


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