Why I Feel Like I’m Not Making Progress

So, this past week had been interesting. I’ve started coming down with a cold, booked an amazing venue for my company, got some ducks in a row, and started working on some new stuff. There’s only one problem. I can’t concentrate for more than an hour and half or I’m just staring at the screen! Okay so maybe that’s two but oh well! I’ve never had this problem and I’ve been wondering why I was drained creatively. Normally things like writing, designing flyers, and thinking of cute Instagram (it’s for business, I promise!) pics are easy for me but not this week. I couldn’t think of anything to post nor a design that was amazing. So I reached out to a mentor of mine, Lexi, and she told me to step away from the computer. Me? Step away? Ummm…no way that was happening! I decided to follow her instructions, especially since I was getting sick and I ended up spending my entire day messing around with Snapchat’s lenses feature.  I was seriously that bored! Then I slept, ate, and played with more filters. It took everything I had in me not to touch the computer! I’m pretty sure I failed horribly at not looking at a screen but after a while I realized that Lexi was right and I stepped away for one more day.

I feel like I’ve gotten WAAYY off topic so let me get to the point. What do you do when you feel creatively drained and unproductive?

1. Take A Break! Seriously! Yes I played around with Snapchat all day but it got me laughing and in a good mood. I also decided to watch Kevin Hart’s stand up and laughed my ass off!! It felt so good to laugh and not be overwhelmed by everything I had to do. I also got some quality family time in which was nice!

2. Take Your Meds! Okay so this may only apply if you are on medications or have something that you do to keep you sane! For me I meditate and take meds but this week I was put of everything and couldn’t get anymore until today. I had no choice but to meditate and lean on my family. Depression is real when you ain’t got no meds! Lol

3. Don’t Put Too Much Pressure on Yourself. This one I had to learn the hard way. Being a perfectionist is fine and all but when you get to the point that you beat yourself up over all the small things then you’ve gone off the deep end! Life is messy. You won’t get all the answers in a day. Hell, you may never get answers sometimes but that’s okay! No one is perfect, so why should you be?!

4. Make a List! Last but definitely not least, make a to do list. Take a moment and think about what you need to accomplish, jot it down, and then prioritize it! I use this all the time. In fact, when I don’t have it I’m easily distracted and have no clue what it is I set out to do for the day. You’ll always feel productive and can see your progress right in front of you.

So yeah… that’s all I’ve got for right now. I’m still waiting for this cold to disappear but now that I’ve got everything under control and I’ve had a break, I can really feel my creative juices flowing! At least for today anyways! What are your tips when it comes to being drained or feeling unproductive?

Much Love,
Katy S.


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