What I’ve Learned Doing Interviews for Slant News

Writing has always come naturally to me. From the time I was a little girl, I could dream up world’s and write a whole story behind them but I always felt that something was lacking. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing fiction but when I took a risk and joined Slant News I wanted to focus on connecting with people. I figured the best way to do that was to interview others starting with people I knew and admired.


Setting up the interviews was probably the easiest part of it. I set up dates and times to interview people and wrote out my questions for them. Then I realized, in order to make sure the message is being delivered correctly and genuinely I need to be able to record the interviews whether they be over the phone or by video chat. So I thought to myself, “how can I record a conversation and will the person I’m interviewing be okay with it?” Obviously since I’m just starting out, I alerted everyone I was planning on speaking to that our conversations would be recorded simply so that I could refer back to it while writing the article. I forgot to ask if it would be okay to embed the interview into the article for those who would like to hear the interview for themselves, a technique Social Media Examiner uses all the time. I love their technique because I feel like it gives you guys more than just words. You can hear their passion and drive. You feel more connected to the person I’m talking to. So that’s what I plan on including in my next round of interviews.


Definitely something I need when transcribing interviews!!

Now here comes the part that I really really didn’t see coming. Transcribing the interviews. I had all these interviews recorded and ready for the article but I only had the audio (and I hated the way my voice sounded on them too!) so I couldn’t just post that. Being a newb, I tried to find the easy way out by googling “Automatic Transcribing Online Free”. Um…can I just say that it was the stupidest thing I have EVER googled?! I found one and was like what the heck? I’ll give it a shot. Well, it got the tags rights but I don’t recall saying words like police, cryptic, or democratic. I mean, I’m writing about beauty, fitness, and entertainment! Where do those words fit in with that?! Anyways, I could barely decipher what was part of the interview and what was mumbo gumbo so I had to do it the hard way like real writers and journalists. I had to sit my but down, play the audio clips, and type what I heard while formatting it in a way where everyone could tell who was saying what. Being the lazy millenial that I am, I kinda wanted to just pay someone to do it so I could get back to my Bodypump classes and Fashion Riot Dallas but eventually I had to sit my ass down and make myself do it. At the end of the day, I’m proud that I did. I got to hear what I sound like, how I can improve my own speech patterns when talking on the phone, whether or not I really built a connection with my interviewee, and how I can make my interviews feel more natural in the future. So from one spoiled milennial to another, when you want to take the easy way out grab yourself a cup of coffee, turn off your phone, and just do the damn work already!


Much Love,
Katy S.


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