This Fashion Line’s Kickstarter Will Revolutionize Your Skirt Game

When I first heard about Eros & Psyche, I thought, “This has to be fake! There is no way something so cute and stylish can be stainless and waterproof!” We see it advertised all the time, yet it either looks super unattractive or it doesn’t actually work. Being a millennial, looking good is obviously important to me, but I must admit that I am a bit messy. So, of course, I thought it was a hoax. Obviously, I was wrong!

Eros and Pysche Logo


So what is Eros & Psyche?

The Eros & Psyche Collection is a New York-based fashion company specializing in high-end designer clothing for women. For their first products, they are introducing a collection of waterproof and stain-resistant skirts. Ladies, we have the choice between two lengths: the Cocktail Skirt and the Mini Skirt. We also have 11 varieties of prints and solids to choose from. Sounds perfect right? But how do they look? AH-MAZ-ING!


Read more about Eros & Pysche here.


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